Battery Operated Lights Turn On By Themselves [Causes & Solutions]

Have you installed a string of battery-operated fairy lights in your kids’ bedrooms or in your backyard to create some magic? But your battery operated lights turn on by themselves. We got you.

Battery-operated lights can turn on by themselves due to many reasons. The battery back has a controller that makes all the lights on or off.  Also, there might be a crack in the wire or a loose bulb that is causing the issue.

The on/off switch consists of rubber and moisture of the button can cause uncontrollable behavior of on and off.

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This quick article will walk you through why you are seeing battery-operated lights turning on/off by themselves, and how to fix it.

Can LED Lights Turn On By Themselves?

LED lights usually do not turn on by themselves. This can be due to a faulty LED power driver, which can in turn supply too much wattage, causing the lights to turn on and off by themselves.

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It can also happen because of low batteries. In battery-operated LED lights the voltage goes from the batteries to the driver which gives the LED a suitable supply of voltage. That is why changing the batteries can fix your issue.

Why Do My Fairy Lights Turn On By Themselves?

There are many different reasons behind fairy lights turning on by themselves. These are;

  • Battery Problems: The battery can be a culprit behind the lights turning on by themselves. A faulty battery can cause the fairy lights to turn on by themselves.
  • Control Circuit Issues: A faulty control circuit can also trigger the lights to remain on. Moreover while diagnosing the issue, you can not write off a loose connection of lights to its circuit.
  • Remote Control/Timer: If you have fairy lights that come with a timer then you may have turned on them by accident.
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If the problem still persists, you can check the control circuit or replace the batteries. If necessary seek professional help to fix the control circuit.

How Long Do Battery-Operated LED Lights Last?

How long battery-operated led lights last depends upon the quality of the battery, the quality of LED lights, and the duration of use.

Typically battery-operated LED lights would last from several hours to a few weeks. A set of cheaper batteries will only serve you for a few hours and that of high quality can last for a few days to even a month.

Before buying the lights check out the duration of use and warranty. 

Why Do My LED Strip Lights Turn Off By Themselves?

Below are some of the main reasons that are causing your LED strip lights to turn off.

  • Fluctuations in the power supply can cause led strip lights to turn off and on.
  • A faulty power driver is another reason behind it. 
  • Check if your Led lights are low on batteries. Low batteries do not give enough power supply to the power driver, failing to deliver enough wattage to the LED.
  • Remote control and switch can also cause the led strip lights to turn off.
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Above are the common causes of this issue. But if it still continues, then it’s better to consult an expert.

How To Fix Battery-Operated Fairy Lights?

Battery-operated fairy lights usually come with a thin copper wire that often breaks. With a broken wire, you will end up having a partially lighted string. To fix battery-operated fairy lights that are not working, follow these steps.

  1. First of all, you need a lighter and sandpaper or an emery board.
  1. Sand the broken ends with sandpaper. The reason behind this step is that there is a thin coat of lacquer that needs to be removed, otherwise, the electrical charge will get lost.
  1. After that heat the two ends with a lighter for a few seconds. This doesn’t smell good, and that’s how you know it’s working. 
  1. Then the ends will turn a bit darker and that is what we want. Now twist the ends together. Don’t worry! you won’t get a shock from the batteries if it is on.
  1. And Boom! You will see all the lights working again.
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Do not go out and buy some new ones, just fix the existing ones by following the above simple steps.

If your fairy lights string is too lengthy then you can read this quick guide on how to cut fairy lights.

Final Thoughts On “Battery-Operated Lights Turn Off By Themselves

So, can battery-operated lights turn off by themselves? The answer is yes. This can be due to battery issues, control circuits, or electromagnetic disturbance

In order to enjoy your fairy lights and other battery-operated things for a long time without any issues, make sure you buy high-quality ones which are powered by powerful batteries.

If you still can’t diagnose the issue contact an expert. But I hope that you will fix it after reading this article.

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