Can You Cut Fairy Light: Cutting LED Fairy lights

When decorating your room or backyard for a function, a common question that might pop into your head is, can you cut fairy lights?

Yes, you can cut fairy lights. Whether it be solar-powered, battery-powered, USB, or LED fairy lights, you can cut it to a desired size.

Fairy lights or string lights are designed in such a fashion that each light is connected directly to the power source. You can cut it without overbearing the strings to your preferred length without overbearing and burning the lights.

can you cut fairy lights

This quick article will show you how to cut fairy lights and will answer your queries about cutting different kinds of fairy or string lights.

If You Cut Fairy Lights Will They Still Work?

Yes, fairy lights will still work upon cutting. The lights beyond the cut will work if the circuit is connected to a power supply.

You can cut the wires wherever you want but make sure that the ends of the cut wires don’t touch each other, otherwise, it would short out the batteries. 

can you cut fairy lights

After cutting you can put some tape on the ends.

Can You Cut Curtain Lights?

Yes, you can cut curtain lights to fit them on your curtain. However, before cutting them make sure that you don’t cut them in a way that damages the bulbs.

To hang the curtain lights, you will need some Command hooks, screws, and a drill (for cup hooks). Measure the area on which you like to hang the lights and cut your curtain lights to a suitable length. Now use Command hooks to hang the lights and plug and boom you are good to go.

can you cut fairy lights

Check out the manufacturer’s guide before doing so, and also check whether the warranty would be valid after cutting or not.

Can You Cut Copper Wire String Lights?

Yes, you can cut copper wire string lights according to your need. After cutting, put some electrical tape on the ends. 

If your string lights are wired in a parallel fashion, then you can cut them between the bulbs without damaging them.

Also while cutting ensure that the wires of the string lights are not connected to a power source, otherwise you may get a shock.

Can You Cut Micro LED Lights?

Yes, micro LED lights can be cut to a desirable length. But one thing you should note is that they are usually much smaller and more fragile than other LED lights, so you need to use a more precise cutting tool, like a pair of flush cutters.

After cutting, you can use wire connectors to join the ends of the lights together to keep the power flow.

Can You Cut Wire LED Fairy Lights?

Yes, You can cut wire LED Fairy lights. If the lights are battery-operated, then most likely they are wired parallel. In such a case you can cut anywhere without damaging the lights.

After cutting make sure you insulate the cut ends with tape.

But in case the lights aren’t working after cutting the wire, then this means they are wired in a series.

Now, how to fix fairy lights that have been cut? 

The answer is simple!

You will need a series resistance that can prevent lights from burning out with too much voltage.

You can find the resistance easily, by working it down until you find one on which the lights show the right brightness.

 But don’t worry that’s quite unlikely for the battery-operated LED lights to be wired in a series in the first place. You can also read this article if your fairy lights turn on by themselves.

Final Thoughts

So, can you cut fairy lights? In short, you can cut a fairy light to a specific length. Before doing so you need to keep the following points in mind.

  • If the lights are wired in parallel, then you can remove any number of lights without any problem.
  • If the lights are in series, then you will need a series resistance to reduce the current, or else you will end up burning the lights.
  • Also After cutting make sure that you put tape or another insulating thing on the cut ends.

I hope you find this article helpful. You may also like: How much electricity do fairy lights use

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