Can you sleep with a lizard in your room? [Is it safe?]

Since my childhood I was afraid of lizards, I thought that these creatures are poisonous. Not only that I couldn’t sleep in my room because of the fear that a lizard might fall on me.

But nowadays I fear other insects more than some common house lizard entering my room.

You can sleep with a lizard in your room. These creatures do not carry any poison and are not interested in humans. They get easily scared and run away upon noticing a small movement.

 They are not only harmless but also devour insects, such as spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, and mosquitoes in your bedroom. Do not think it is coming after you. Instead of panicking, you should let the lizard enjoy some bugs in your room.

If you have some sort of lizard phobia then you should get rid of it.

Leopard gecko

But one thing that you should keep in mind is that insects, like bed bugs and mosquitos, are more irritating and harmful than common house lizards.

Do lizards come near humans?

Lizards show very little interest in humans. Mostly they run away from humans unless you have a comodo dragon (big wild lizard) around you, which is not likely to happen.

Some big species like human contact and enjoy it when you pet them. 

However, you can also domesticate some common lizards like geckos and iguanas by caring for and feeding them.

Are lizards scared of humans?

Yes, most lizards are scared of humans and will run right away when they observe a small movement.

But there are some species that you can befriend and pet by feeding them insects. For example, geckos, anoles, and iguanas are popular pet lizards.

Can you sleep with a lizard in your room

Do lizards crawl on humans?

Usually, lizards do not crawl on humans, as they are quite shy creatures. They show very little interest in humans and will avoid you in most cases.

Some people are scared that it would crawl into their bed for some insect.

Can you sleep with a lizard in your room

But that is quite unlikely and even if a lizard jumps on your bed for some reason, it will go away by noticing a slight movement.

Can lizards crawl in your ear?

Most lizards are not that small to go into your ear holes or nostrils. Also, it is very unlikely that a lizard will come close to your ear, as they are usually avoiding humans.

However, you should watch for insects, such as cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs that may enter your ear or crawl on your face and bite you.

What happens if a lizard falls on the bed?

First of all, it is quite unlikely for Common house lizards like geckos to fall on your bed because they have an amazing ability to defy gravity.

They can crawl on vertical surfaces and can stay still on the ceiling without falling.

Even if a lizard falls on your bed, it won’t bite or harm you. It will simply run away if you move slightly.

Moreover, lizards won’t come to your bed and annoy you unless there are some insects on your bed.

Some people tie it to some sort of luck, but that is illogical and far from reality.

How to drive out lizards from your bedroom?

Lizards are quite common in many houses and some people are scared of them despite their innocent nature. They will also poop in your room and make it dirty.

Below are some of the natural ways to get rid of lizards from your bedroom.

can yo sleep with a lizard in your room
  • Pepper spray: it is a very effective way to ward-off lizards. Take some black pepper powder and mix it into the water and spray the solution on any place you find the lizard.
  • Onion: take some onions and place them in the corners where you usually find the lizards. You will get used to the pungent smell of the onion but will drive away lizards.
  • Reduce Moisture: lizards are attracted to moist places. That’s why you need to air out your cupboards and cabinets. Also, fix leaky pipes.
  • Egg Shells: Put some eggshells in the corners of your bedroom. Its pungent smell can deter lizards.
  • Reduce Room Temperature: lizards require a warmer atmosphere. By lowering the temperature, they won’t be able to regulate their body’s temperature and will try to move to a warmer place.
  • Trapping: you can also trap the lizard by using a bottle or a cup and then leaving it outside your room.


Where do lizards go at night?

where do lizards go at night

At night, lizards will typically seek out hiding places where they can rest and avoid predators. This may include hiding under rocks, logs, or other debris, or burrowing into the ground.

Some of them may also climb on trees and structures to find a safe place for a nap. In general, lizards at the night will choose a safe place so that they can be protected from potential dangers.

Why are lizards attracted to me?

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It is quite unlikely that a lizard may get attracted to you. Lizards are generally scared of humans and will typically avoid you whenever possible.

If a lizard seems to be attracted to you, it is more likely that the lizard is attracted to something in your environment, such as food or a suitable hiding place.

Lizards are opportunistic feeders and will often investigate potential sources of food, such as insects or other small creatures. If you are in an area where there are lizards and there is also a food source nearby, the lizards may be drawn to the area in search of some food.

Can I sleep with a gecko in my room?

can i sleep with a gecko in my room

It is generally not a good idea to sleep with a gecko in your room. While geckos are generally harmless, they are wild animals and can carry diseases or parasites that can be harmful to humans.

In addition, geckos are nocturnal animals and may be active and make noise at night, which can disrupt your sleep.

If you want to keep a gecko as a pet, it is best to provide it with a suitable enclosure and keep it in a separate room from where you sleep. This will ensure the health and safety of both you and the gecko.

Final Thoughts on ‘Can You sleep with a lizard in your room’

So, can you sleep with a lizard in your room? Lizards won’t disturb you during sleep, they will just ignore you. Lizards are innocent creatures and won’t come near you unless you pet them.

Instead of fearing them, count their benefits.

  • A lizard will clean your room or house from insects such as moths, cockroaches, and flies. It can be your bodyguard against insects.
  • If you are patient with it, a lizard can make a great pet.
  • Unlike other insects, a lizard won’t bite or crawl on you.

I hope this post will help you in breaking the unnecessary fear and myths around lizards.

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