Does Garlic Repel Deer from Your Yard? (Read This)

Yes, garlic does repel deer. It is one of the many natural and humane ways to get rid of deer from your garden or yard. This is effective because deer cannot eat plants like garlic and get annoyed by its smell. All you need to do is crush some garlic and spread it on the mulch or areas where deer visit the most. You can also plant them around the area which you want to protect from deer and other animals.

Deer are beautiful creatures. But they have a sharp sense of smell. If your garden or lawn is groomed, local deer will smell it and rush toward it.

Without any effective preventive measures, deer will significantly damage your garden. Some people install 8 feet tall fences around their yards. But that can be too expensive.

Fortunately, there are some natural deterrents that you can plant to ward off the deer. One of them is garlic. This article will show you, how to use garlic to keep deer away from your backyard.

does garlic repel deer

Will deer eat garlic plants?

Deer usually do not enjoy eating plants like garlic, mint, and onion. The strong smell of these plants keeps the deer away from your garden or backyard.

Garlic and other similar plants are effective natural ways to deter deer, rabbits, and wolves from your yard.

does garlic repel deer

How do you use garlic as a deer repellent?

Garlic is one of the easy-to-grow plants that can deter deer and other animals like rabbits, wolves, and groundhogs.

Garlic grows in the winter season. You can buy garlic cloves from a store or some seed supplier and then plant them. Each clove will grow into a beautiful bulb of garlic by spring.

Planting Process

The planting process is quite simple. You just need to dig a one-inch-deep trench and plant the cloves in.

To make a strong barrier plant the garlic (one inch apart) close to each other. Your garlic will start growing in the winter season and will grow foliage first that can be eaten.

In the spring you will see flower stocks. Remove them because we want all the resources to go into the production of bulbs.

Growing garlic will not just keep deer away all winter, but will also spice up your culinary ventures in the winter.

DIY Deer Repellent

To make a deer repellent in your home, you need the following ingredients:

  • Half a cup of milk
  • Some crushed garlic
  • of hot sauce
  • One tablespoon of dish soap and
  • One gallon of water

Simply, mix all these ingredients in a container and shake it up. After that, put the solution in a spray bottle.  Apply it on those surfaces from which you want to keep the deer away.

does garlic repel deer

Remember to spray it once every two weeks. But if there is rain, then redo the spray.

Other Plants That Repel Deer

Apart from garlic, many other plants can deter deer. They include daffodils, bee balm, marigolds, onion, mint, iris, rosemary, and chives.

These plants are known to be natural deer repellent. You can plant them where you do not want deer to come.

does garlic repel deer

Does society garlic repel deer?

Society garlic is a beautiful flowering plant. Besides its medicinal uses, it can be used to deter deer. Similar to other species, it will deter deer with its “garlic” odor. You can plant society garlic around the area where you do not want moles and deer to visit.

Does garlic powder repel deer?

Yes, garlic powder does repel deer. For this, to work you need to put some garlic powder into hot water. The hot water helps in releasing the oils and creates a solution that has no particles in it. This makes the solution easy to spray.

Sprinkle the solution on any surface you want the deer to repel away from. You can also sprinkle some powder on the leaves you want to protect from deer and other animals.

Does garlic spray repel deer?

Garlic spray can also repel deer. Just take a bottle of spray and put the garlic solution in it. Spray the solution on those areas you want to deter deer from deer. The annoying smell of the solution will keep the deer away from the sprayed surface.


So, does garlic repel deer? Garlic is good natural deterrence when it comes to deer. However, there are two points you need to remember before going to considering garlic as a natural repellent.

  • Garlic or any other natural repellent is enough only if very few deer are visiting your yard.
  • If you are living in an area, where there is a lot of deer, and a whole pack is visiting your garden, then just a natural deer repellent won’t save you. In that case, you need strong and tall fences (about 8 feet) that can easily prevent deer and other animals.
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