How Deep Can A backyard pool Be? [What you need to know]

Depth is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing your backyard pool. The recommended depth of a yard pool is around 8ft. How deep can a backyard pool be, is also a question of personal preferences and needs.

In many cases pools are used for just cooling off, which do not require deeper water. But if you want to use your pool for different purposes then you should consider multiple depths.

You should decide the depth of your pool carefully as it will affect the cost, design, and other variables such as maintenance cost.

how deep can a backyard pool be
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This in-depth guide will walk you through all the factors that you must keep in mind before you decide on the depth of your yard pool.

How deep is the average home pool?

On average home pools are 8ft tall, but they can vary following the need and preferences of pool users.

The standard depth for your pool also depends upon different activities in the pool. Some people use their pool for just hanging out, others use it for diving and playing different games such as cannonballs, which require deep water.

Below are the recommended depths for some activities, that will give you a rough idea about how deep can a backyard pool be.

For a diving board, the standard depth is 8ft, however, pool builders can make pools deeper than that. But for a simple diving board, 8ft is more than enough.

For a couple, the standard can be set in such a way that is comfortable for the shorter spouse. In the case of toddlers, the suitable depth is 2ft. But you can change it to 3ft as kids grow fast.

Also, if you love to play diving games that involve diving to the bottom, the deeper pool is the way to go. 

For games like a cannonball, 6ft pool is more than enough. Remember your height has no relationship with the pool’s depth. A 6ft tall player can safely cannonball all day long in a pool (6ft deep) without any problem.

But if you are not interested in diving and jumping, then 3ft at the shallow end and 6ft at the deeper end is more than enough for you.

If you have a big backyard and you are fond of swimming laps then

pool length is more important than its depth. Swimming laps require a pool length of about 25ft and a depth of about 4 to 5 feet so that your hands and feet can avoid the bottom of the pool.

How deep can a pool be without a fence?

It is a standard practice to fence your backyard pool for safety reasons, especially if you have kids playing in the yard.

However, above-the-ground pools that are about 4ft deep do not require fencing. In such pools, you can have a removable or locker ladder instead of fencing.

How deep does your pool need to be for a slide?

Diving and jumping slide also require some minimum depth. For a slide, your pool depth should be around 3ft at the shallow end and 4-5 feet at the deeper end, but can also vary from slide to slide.

Are deeper pools more expensive?

Yes, deeper pools are way more expensive as it requires more labor and material to build. Also, deeper pools require more heat, water, and chemicals to operate properly. Moreover, the maintenance cost, such as cleaning the pool, increases as it goes deeper. A deeper pool will also raise your water bill substantially.

However, if you are fond of pool games that require diving down to the bottom and picking up toys, then a deeper pool is worth the extra cost.

What is a safe pool depth?

If you are fond of different activities in a pool then a depth of about 3ft is good enough for both children and adults in the family. However, for the safety of your family, you should not exceed the depth of your pool beyond 6ft.

In case you have a deeper pool, then a supervisor is a great option to ensure the safety of kids and weak swimmers. You can also take other precautions, such as swimming with a buddy and putting on a safety jacket and other equipment.

Different pool activities may require different depths. The most common pool activities are swimming, jumping, and diving. To enjoy such activities safely, you should be aware of the recommended depths for each of one of them.

Safe Pool Depth for Swimming

Swimming safely requires a depth of about 5ft. But if you have kids in your home then a depth of 2-3ft is good for them. 

Swimmers that are interested in swim laps need a pool length of about 25ft and a depth of about 5ft. however this may require a big backyard.

Safe Pool Depth for Jumping

Jumping into a pool can be risky if you are not sure about its depth. A depth of about 4ft is enough to jump safely in the water. Also, note that this is not the recommended depth for diving.

But remember, before jumping in the pool, you should do it feet first. Jumping with your feet first reduces the risk of getting injured.

Safe Pool Depth for Diving

Diving is a fun activity, but it isn’t free from risk, especially if your pool is not deep enough. If you are using a diving board then a depth of about 8ft is safe enough.

 If you are using a diving rock instead of a diving board, make sure that its surface is not slippery. You can also cover your diving rock with a no-skiddy surface to avoid unfortunate accidents.

For further safety measures, you should follow the recommendations of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Wrapping Up

So, how deep can a backyard pool be? Building a pool is one such investment that will give you enjoyment for years to come. That is why knowing how deep can a backyard pool be is important for you to enjoy your pool time.

In a short pool, depth depends on the needs and preferences of the pool owner. Deeper pools can be way more fun but if you are on a tight budget, then you should avoid them.

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