How Do Fairy Lights Work: An Inside Look

Are you planning to add some magic to your backyard or bedroom and wonder how do fairy lights work? Well, we got you covered.

The working fairy of lights is quite simple. It consists of a string that usually has copper wire, which holds mini lights. The wire is connected to a battery-powered box. The light sensor in solar fairy lights can automatically switch on the lights at dusk.

Fairy lights are cheap and come in a variety of different colors. You don’t have to buy expensive plug-in lights. Battery or solar-powered fairy lights are cost-effective ways to decorate your outdoor places.

how do fairy lights work

This quick article will show how different types of fairy lights work and how you can use them.

How Do String Lights Work?

String lights also called fairy lights work in the same manner. In string lights, bulbs are connected in series. The current flows from one bulb and passes to the next one. 

If one bulb gets burned or removed, it will disturb the current flow and the rest of the bulbs on the string won’t work. 

How Do Led String Lights Work?

LED string lights are made up of a series of small light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are usually connected in a series. The LEDs are powered by either a battery or an AC adapter, which gives the current needed to light up the LEDs.

Each LED in the string needs a specific amount of voltage to function properly. This specific amount of voltage is maintained by a control circuit.

 The control circuit may also come with a switch to turn on/off the lights. It can also have a time for how long the lights should stay on and a dimer to control the brightness of the lights.

In some LED string lights you will find that the control circuit and power source are located within the string. In other lights, you will get separate elements that must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

how do fairy lights work

LED string lights are quite simple that are energy-efficient, and long-lasting lighting solutions. You can use them for different purposes, such as decoration, and outdoor lighting.

What Are Fairy Lights Used For?

Fairy lights are mainly used for decoration. Some of the most common uses for fairy lights are listed below:

Holiday decorations: Fairy lights add some magic to homes and public spaces during the holiday season, such as Christmas and Diwali.

Wedding and Event Lighting: Fairy lights are a popular option for adding a beautiful and warm glow to wedding receptions, and other special events.

Room decoration: Fairy lights can create a cozy and chilling vibe in your bedrooms, living rooms, and other indoor spaces.

Outdoor lighting: Fairy lights are also used to light your gardens, patios, and other outdoor spaces by adding a warm and cozy atmosphere at night.

Ambient lighting: Fairy lights are amazing when it comes to adding a subtle glow to a room and creating a relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

how do fairy lights work

Photography and videography: Fairy lights are used as a creative lighting source for photography and videography, giving a beautiful touch to your images.

Why Do Fairy Lights Stop Working?

Some of the most common reasons behind fairy lights that won’t work are:

Burnout: Fairy lights won’t work if you have one or more of the light bulbs burnout. When the bulb gets burned it can’t pass the current to the rest of the bulbs that are connected to each other in a series.

Faulty wiring: Fairy lights usually have delicate wiring, which can easily get damaged. If the wire in the string is damaged, then your lights may not work properly. To avoid this problem you need to

Loose connections: If the connections between the bulbs and the electrical supply are loose, then your fairy lights won’t work properly.

Blown fuses: Some fairy lights come with built-in fuses. If the fuse blows, then your fairy lights will stop working.

Problems in Powers Supply: Your fairy lights won’t work if you don’t give them optimum voltage. Check your circuit breaker to ensure this is not the case.

Moisture: If fairy lights are used in a moist place, then they can get damaged and stop working.

how do fairy lights work

To avoid such problems make sure that you get quality lights and follow the instruction manual.

To Sum Up “How Do Fairy Lights Work”

In short, fairy lights works quite simply. It contains a string that holds many small lights. The string is connected to a power source. 

In order to ensure long-lasting lights, you should buy lights that are made up of quality materials.

You should also look at your budget. If you want to save some bucks, then you should install solar fairy lights, as they are quite energy efficient.

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