How Much Electricity Do Fairy Lights Use? [Let’s Find Out]

If you are planning to add some magic to your kid’s bedroom or illuminate your backyard with fairy lights and don’t know how much electricity do fairy lights use, then this article got you covered.

The energy consumption of fairy lights depends upon the type and number of fairy lights. A string of mini fairy lights uses around 100 kWh. In other words, it roughly adds one cent per dollar to your electricity bill.

When it comes to Christmas or any other celebration fairy lights add a great flavor to it but at the same time, we want it to be cost-effective.

how much electricity do fairy lights use

This article will show you how much electricity you need for your fairy lights and what type can we use to save some energy.

Do Fairy Lights Use Less Electricity

Fairy lights are called string lights or Christmas lights usually use less energy than other types of lights.

Fairy light bulbs are small and are designed to consume less energy. For instance, these lights come with a timer and a sensor that turns the lights off when nobody is around.

Hower the energy usage depends upon the type of lights and the hour for which they are used. Before buying check the estimated energy consumption.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Christmas Lights For A Month?

When it comes to the estimated cost of running Christmas lights per month, It depends on the following factors.

  • Types of Lights 
  • Number Of Lights
  • Electricity cost in your area

However, if you want a ballpark figure then a string of 100 Christmas lights will cost you anywhere between 30$ to 40$ a month. If you are using LED lights then expect the cost of around 10$ a month.

In order to save some energy use a timer to turn the Christmas lights on and off.

How Much Electricity Do 100 Christmas Lights Use?

If you are using incandescent light in your Christmas celebration then a string of 100 lights uses around 40 watts of electricity. 

However, if you are using LED fairy lights then 100 of them will be roughly using 6 watts of electricity. This reduces the cost of electricity by around 70 to 80 percent.

how much electricity do fairy lights use

Therefore LED lights are more cost-effective and safe compared to incandescent lights and other light bulbs. 

How Much Do Fairy Lights Cost?

The cost of fairy lights depends on the kind, length, and features of the lights. On average, a basic set of battery-operated LED fairy lights can cost you anywhere from 5 to 20 bucks.

A plug-in set of LED fairy lights are little costly and can be in the range of 10 to 50 bucks. If you are looking for a string of lights that is lengthy, or for lights with additional features such as remote control or multiple lighting modes, then it will be more costly.

You should also keep in mind the cost of energy over time.LED fairy lights consume less power than light bulbs and are usually a lot cheaper to run than traditional incandescent Christmas lights.

Can I Leave Fairy Lights On At Night?

There is nothing wrong with leaving fairy lights on all night. Battery-operated fairy lights don’t get too hot to ignite a fire. However, you need to take care of the following things if you are using plug-in fairy lights.

No of Lights: Read the manufacturer’s guide on the number of fairy lights that can be connected together.

Overvoltage: When turning on your fairy lights make sure that they aren’t connected to a voltage that is higher than needed. 

Poor Ventilation: Keep in mind that the transformers must be installed in such a way that air moves freely through them.

If you can ensure all the above then you can definitely leave your fairy lights plugged in all night. Without any problem. But if you can not then unplug the fairy lights while leaving and make sure that they are not in contact with a flammable material.

For more details, you can read: Can fairy lights be a fire hazard

How Many Watts Do Led Fairy Lights Use?

LED fairy lights use around 0.05 watts per light. That’s about 80 percent less than incandescent Christmas lights.

A string of LED fairy lights consumes between 2 to 5 watts of electricity, depending upon the product and the number of lights in it.

how much electricity do fairy lights use

LED string lights may not be that impressive as compared to incandescent lights, but they still can save you a lot of money during Christmas and other occasions. 

Final Thoughts

I believe that creating magical movements should not cost too much and there are a lot of great cost-effective options. 

If you are on a tight budget you can buy battery-operated LED lights instead of a plug-in set of fairy lights, which are cheaper and operates on less electricity. 

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