How To Catch A Lizard In Your Backyard? [Easy & Cool Ways]

People want to catch lizards for many reasons. Some keep it as a pet and others use it as a natural pesticide. Whatever your reason may be, you should catch them with great care as these creatures are quite vulnerable.

There are many ways in which you can easily catch a lizard in your backyard. One way is to make a trap for the lizard by using an empty water bottle or a toilet box. You can also catch it with your hands. Using a net is also a good way to catch it.

how to catch a lizard in your backyard

This article will show you how to catch a lizard in your backyard without harming or killing them.

How To Catch A Lizard With Your Hand?

some people use their bare hands for catching a lizard. In this case, you need to be gentle as too much pressure on its tail can break it.

To catch the lizard with your hands, first, you need to spray it with cold water. This will slow down the lizard and will make it easier for you to catch. After that, you can trap it between your hands. Also, try to aim five to eight inches ahead, otherwise, you won’t be able to grab them.

However, this method is not recommended. If the lizard you are trying to catch is wild, then you may seriously hurt it. Also, some wild lizards are poisonous and many will drop their tails as you attempt to grab them.

How To Catch A Lizard Without Killing It?

There are several easy methods that you can use to catch a lizard without killing or hurting it. Some of them are:


Noosing is a method that is often used by Herpetologists. First, take a string and tie its one to a stick. Now make a noose at the other end. Next, you see a lizard you can trap it by pulling up the noose on it.

Set A Trap

Setting a trap is also an effective way to catch them. You may find a trap that is specifically made for lizards. If not, you can also use a mousetrap. Place the trap in an appropriate in your backyard. As the lizard walks into the trap, the door will close by itself.

Using Net

Take a net. You can use a butterfly net. When you see a lizard, gently catch it inside your net. After that place it in a cage and quickly close the lid, so that it may not escape.

Using A Container

Using an old container is also an easy way to catch a lizard without harming it. Simply take a container and quickly put it on top of the lizard. Now slide cardboard or some sort of thin sheet between the container and the lizard. After that flip the container upside down.

DIY Lizard Trap

You can also catch a lizard by making a simple trap from a plastic cup or a container.

  • First, you need to pick a plastic cup or a container and remove its lid.
  • Throw some crickets in there as food for lizards
  • After that cover the cup with saran wrap
  • Now make a squared hole in the saran wrap.
  • Place this trap in a shady place in your yard and wait for some time.
  • When you come back you will find a lizard in your trap.

How To Make A Lizard Trap With A Water Bottle?

You can also make a simple homemade lizard trap from a water bottle by following the steps below.

  1. Take an empty water bottle and remove its cape
  2. Cut the bottle just under its neck.
  3. After that take the neck and push it inside the other portion of the bottle, so that the mouth of the bottle faces the bottom.
  4. Put some bugs, insects, or flies inside the trap.
  5. Place the trap in a shady area and wait for some time.
  6. The lizard will go inside the trap for its food and won’t be able to come out.

Don’t put the trap in a sunny spot otherwise, you will have your lizard cooked inside the trap as you come back.

For more details watch this video.

What Is The Easiest Way To Catch A Lizard?

There are many easy ways for catching a lizard. You can use a simple butterfly net or lizard trap as discussed above. If it is a common house lizard, then you can easily pick it up with your hands. While catching with your hand does not put too much pressure on your tail and be very gentle as they can lose their life.

Will Glue Traps Catch Lizards?

Yes, you can catch lizards with a glue catch. A glue trap is a method that is used to catch lizards and other pets. In this method, an adhesive is applied to a surface that is made for catching pets. As the lizard contacts the glue, it becomes stuck and is unable free itself.

It is convenient as it will hold the lizard without killing it and you do not have to worry about the lizard dying or smelling in a corner.

You can also use it for other pets and crawling creatures such as spiders, cockroaches, and caterpillars.

To Sum Up ‘How to catch a lizard in your backyard’

In short, catching lizards are not that complicated. You need a simple trap and that’s it. While catching a lizard should not do things like a broom, because you will end up killing the poor animal. Also, before catching a wild lizard, first, you should know whether it is poisonous or not. If it is poisonous then do not touch it. Use a special trap for catching it.

However, these lizards are very beneficial for your backyard in most cases. They act as a natural pesticide and eat insects that are harmful to your plants. You can also keep them a pet.

I hope that you may have found the answer to ‘how to catch a lizard in your backyard’ by reading this article.

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