How To Hang A Swing From A Tree Without Branches?

How to hang a swing from a tree without branches may seem challenging, but with a little creativity, you can bridge the gap between imagination and the limbless sky.

There are many ways to hang a swing from a tree without branches. One way is to hang it from an artificial tree limb. The second method is to hang the swing between two trees. Another idea is to hang the swing between a tree and a beam. The swing can also be installed between the tree and a building or structure near it.

This post will show you 4 simple and easy-to-follow methods on how to hang a swing from a tree without branches in four simple ways.


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Instant Tree Branch

Nowadays you can easily find a tool kit that will allow you to make your artificial branch and hang a swing on it.

One such kit is slackers, who build a branch swing hanger. This product will allow you to hang a swing on a tree that is branchless.

The artificial branch can hold a weight of up to 500 lbs. It can be built on a tree with a minimum diameter of 12 inches.

The swing ropes are connected to one swing point on the artificial branch with the help of a 360-degree swivel.

Moreover, the artificial branch comes with a steel coating and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

How to Set Up Slakers Build a Branch Swing?

To set up the kit, you will need a healthy tree with a trunk diameter of at least 12 inches.  After that follow the steps below;

  1. First, you should assemble the bottom unit and then assemble the bars. Make sure that you are using locking nuts.
  2. Attach the top bracket around the tree trunk and thread the strap through the top bracket. Through the strap around the tree and secure the strap with the ratchet.   
  3. From the top of the bracket measure 42” down and mark the point. At this point, the base bracket will be assembled.
  4. Now thread the cross strap through the bottom brackets. For extra security, you can double-loop back through.
  5. Assemble the bottom brackets by using long screws and secure them.
  6. Assemble the supporting strap and make sure that the logo strap is facing upward
  7. Now connect the strap to the top bracket
  8. Attach the bottom bracket to the tree and thread the strap through the back of the bracket.
  9. Enjoy the build-a-branch swing

If are struggling to follow these steps, you can watch the video below:

Pros of Instant Tree Branch

  • It can be easily assembled in a short time.
  • The artificial branch in most cases is durable and resistant to weather conditions.
  • The swing kit is safe to use.
  • It allows you to install a swing on nearly any healthy tree.

Cons of Instant Tree Branch

  • The downside of installing an instant tree branch swing is that its directions can be difficult to understand. To counter this downside you can watch the above tutorial.
  • In some artificial branch kits, you may need some extra tools such as a drilling machine, ladder, and hammer. You should arrange these tools in advance.

Also, if you do not like slackers building a branch kit, then you can also search for other good alternatives such as the Ripline Build-A-Branch set and Hammacher Schlemmer Instant Tree Branch.

In case you are still confused about choosing the right artificial tree branch, you can compare the pros and cons.

Once you are done choosing the artificial limb, you can then proceed to a swing that suits you.

DIY Artificial Tree branch

If you do not want to buy the Build-A-Branch toolset, you can install a DIY artificial branch on the branchless tree. You can take a strong wood or a metal board that will work perfectly as an artificial tree limb.

But for that, you have to secure it against the tree by nailing or drilling it.

Note that you should choose a material that is strong and thick enough to hold the weight.

To install the branch on the tree, first, you need to choose a spot for it on the tree trunk. The spot should be approximately 10 feet above the ground.

After that drill a hole in the artificial limb. The hole should be 1 to 1/2 feet in from the side on which you are not going to install the swing.

Now place the hole of the branch in the middle of the tree trunk and drill through the hole into the trunk. The hole should be about 5 inches deep.

The next step is to secure the branch with a bolt. About 3 inches to the upper right and left of the original hole drill two more holes in the same fashion and screw in the bolts. This will make the limb more secure and stable.

Note that the other side of the artificial branch that lies outside the tree should be parallel to the ground. This end needs to be about six feet in length.

However, be mindful that too much length on this end can affect the stability of the swing.

Now it’s time to hang a swing from the artificial tree limb we just made. You can use a ready-made swing kit or build one yourself. A swing kit is a complete package of swing boards, ropes or chains, and hooks.

To hang the swing drill two holes in the artificial branch. The distance between the holes will determine the width of your swing. After that, you can hang the swing using hooks or straps.


  • Installing an artificial branch is fast and inexpensive to build a swing.
  • There is no harm to the tree. The tree heals itself around the nuts and bolts after some time.
  • It can be easily removed if needed.


  • You will need two people to complete it.

How To Hang a Swing Between Two Trees?

If you don’t have a tree with strong and healthy branches, you can set up your swing between the trunks of two trees. There are many methods that you can use to install a swing between two tall trees.

 One such method is to install a beam between the trees. Connecting a beam between two trees is a good option for swings that are meant to hold more weight, such as tire swings or a swing that is used by two or three people at a time.

A beam made up of strong wood such as that of timber will be required for this project to hold more weight. You will also require tools like drills, bolts, and nuts to secure the beam to the trees.

how to hang a swing from a tree without branches (1)
Photo by Dale de Vera on Unsplash

Another way to hang a swing between two trees is to use ratchet straps. These straps are tied around the trunks of the trees to hold the swing.

This method is quite useful if you want to install a temporary swing in your yard or camping site. To set up you will need tools like straps, carabiners, a D-ring, and a hammock or a swing.

You can also install eye bolts on the beam that connects the trees and then hang your swing from it. One downside is that the eye bolt can not hold too much weight. For this project, you need to do some weight calculations.


  • A swing hung between two trees can hold more weight than other swings.
  • The process is easy to complete.
  • The swing in this case is always stable.


  • You need more than one person to complete the project.
  • You will need two trees instead of one

Hanging A Swing Between a Tree and A-Frame

This method is quite similar to building a branch kit. In this project, you will require two beams, one for hanging the swing and another to make the A-frame.

The height of the vertical beam, making the A-fame, depends on how high you want your swing to be. You should keep the height of the A-frame at roughly 10 feet.

The process is simple, connect a beam between the tree and the A-fame using joist beam brackets. After that hang the swing from the beam and enjoy it.


  • The swing can bear more weight
  • The swing is stable


  • You need to build an A-frame beside a tree
  • It can be more costly than other swings
  • Time and energy-consuming

Hanging A Swing Between a Tree and A Building

 you can also install a swing between your branchless tree and structure or a building near it. You can connect a beam between the two and hang the swing from it.

Note that before starting this project, you need to check the reliability of the tree and the structure or building near it. Taking safety precautions is a must before starting any outdoor project.

How Do You Reinforce a Tree Branch for A Swing?

You can reinforce a tree branch for a swing using eye bolts and nuts. You don’t have to worry about the health of the tree. It will heal itself around the nuts and bolts after some time. Reinforcing the branch will allow you to safely enjoy the swing.

How To Hang a Swing from A Tall Tree?

Installing a swing on a tall tree may appear quite difficult to you but it is not that challenging. The best swings are those that you hang from a tall tree.

The first step in this project should be to identify a healthy tall tree with strong branches. One of the best options for a tall tree swing is an oak tree as it has strong branches.

Make sure that your selected branch is strong and healthy and can hold enough weight. After choosing the branch you can find a swing according to your preference. You can opt for a tire swing or any other type of swing. You will also need a long and strong rope for this project.

But the question that will pop into your mind is how will you get the rope on such a high branch.

how to hang a swing from a tall tree

Don’t worry it is very simple. Just tie a stone or a weighty object to the rope and throw it over the branch. You can secure the rope by making a bowline knot on the end of the rope and then slipping the other end through it.

The real challenge is getting the rope over the tall branch. Once that is done you proceed to hang the tree swing.

How do you hang things from a tree without damaging the tree?

Are you afraid of hurting your tree while hanging the swing?

If you’re doing it right you need not worry. To safely hang the swing, you should not wrap around the branch with ropes or chains.

Because this leaves cuts and marks on the tree and can damage and weaken the tree after some time.

 To avoid damaging the tree you should use straps.

Final Thoughts

So, how to hang a swing from a tree without branches?

Some trees do not have any branches. This doesn’t mean that you cannot install a swing on it. A branchless tree can also be a good option for hanging a swing.

You just need to follow the method of your choice and that’s it. If you have no experience in installing a swing from a branchless tee and you are confused about it. Then it will be better for you to call a professional.

Also, you need to adopt safety measurements when performing an outdoor project like this.

I hope this detailed guide will help you solve all your queries about how to hang a swing from a tree without branches.

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