How To Hang Fairy Lights Without Damaging The Wall? Easy Ways To Consider

In recent years fairy lights have gained popularity because of their decorative features and ambient glow. To enjoy their glow and beauty, we should know how to hang fairy lights without damaging the wall.

Fairy lights are small LED bulbs that are strung together like fairies or fireflies. Mostly, these lights are used in festivals and functions such as Christmas, weddings, and backyard parties. Recently, these lights are gradually replacing other lights such as string lights. This is because string lights are bulkier and are not that attractive. Moreover, these lights are battery-powered and do not need any other outlet.

Besides their decorative qualities, fairy lights are notorious for damaging your walls because they require some anchor for hanging. Using methods like nailing and drilling for hanging the lights can damage your wall.

how to hang fairy lights without damaging the wall

 But you don’t need to worry, as this detailed guide will show you how to hang your fairy lights on the wall without damaging them.

How Do You Stick Fairy Lights To A Wall?

Hanging fairy lights on your wall is always fun as it is super easy and you don’t need any extra décor. Fortunately, you can decorate your wall with fairy lights without using any nails and a drilling machine. Some easy ways that will allow you to hang your lights without causing any damage to the wall are; using adhesive tape, a command hook, and putting the household item to use. Below you can read each one of them in detail

How To Hang Fairy Lights On The Wall With Tape?

Using adhesive tape is one of the most effective ways to hang your fairy lights without ruining the wall. If you do not want your tape to be visible, you can simply put a sticker on the tapped end or use decorative tape.

There are many adhesive tapes out there that you can use but the best option for hanging the fairy lights is transparent tape. To hang the fairy lights, put some tape over the wire at one end or you can simply put a tack between the wires to press it to the wall.

Applying a tape that is decorative further beautifies the process. 

how to hang fairy lights without damaging the wall

Moreover, can remove the lighting easily after you are done with your event. Also, by using adhesive tape the paint of the wall remains intact

How Do You Hang Fairy Lights With Command Hooks?

Outdoor command hooks or clips are another way to hang fairy lights without any tools. One good thing about command hooks is that they can stick to different walls like marble, glass, metal, and painted drywalls easily. Another advantage of command hooks is that they are easy to use and do not leave any marks upon removal.

To use a command hook you can follow the following step-by-step process:

  • First, take rubbing alcohol and wipe the wall with it.
  • Separate the liner and then press the adhesives to the hook.
  • Now remove the black liner and press the hook firmly on the wall’s surface. Wait for a few seconds, if you can see the tab then you are all done.
how to hang fairy lights without damaging the wall

Command hooks are also handy for events that last longer than usual. Good quality hooks will serve you for years and you can use them again and again. One thing you should keep in mind is that you must remove command hooks carefully otherwise you might end up peeling off your paint.

How To Hang Fairy Lights Using Household Items?

While hanging fairy lights you do not always require some adhesive material. Fortunately, you can put different household items to use.

If your wall possesses some kind of metal fixture, then why not use it for hanging the lights? You can hang your lights vertically or string them around the metal bar. Either way, you won’t need any extra materials.

Also, try to hang fairy lights from a picture on the wall. Another way of hanging fairy lights is by making use of different items, like trees and pools, in your backyard.

When it comes to household items there are unlimited options that you can consider. But note that children might hurt themselves by touching the wires. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on children.

How Do You Hang Lights Without Nails?

Hanging fairy lights using nails makes holes in the wall and therefore causes damage to the wall. There are several ways that you can use to hang your fairy lights without damaging the wall. Some of them are:

  • Adhesive putty
  • Wire suckers
  • Applying Glue
  • Pushpins
  • Adhesive clips
  • Transparent tape
  • Use different items in the house

These are just a few ways that you can consider putting your lights on the wall without making holes in it.

Is It Safe To Hot Glue Fairy Lights?

Yes, it is completely fine to use hot glue for hanging fairy lights. Using glue is an effective way to hang a string of lights on surfaces such as concrete, stucco, and brick.

The best thing about hot glue is that it dries quickly and you can remove it easily afterward. you can press lights against the wall by starting from one end and keep putting glue on each light, roughly about the size of a pea. Now, keep putting the glue on each light step by step, you will make it to the end of the string and the first will be ready for another drop.

You can repeat it, but note that adding too many layers may hinder the process.

To Sum UP ” How To Hang Fairy Lights Without Damaging The Wall”

If you want to keep your wall intact, then you need to know, how to hang your fairy lights without damaging the wall. Materials Such as anchors and masonry fasteners remain permanently placed on the surface of the wall, thereby leaving the walls and interior surfaces damaged. Also, they leave unpleasant marks on the wall.

By using materials like glue, staples, adhesive tapes and clips can save your wall from damage and you can enjoy your fairy lights without any worries.

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