How To Remove Stains From Vinyl Fence? Restore Shine to Vinyl Fence With 8 Easy Ways

By learning how to remove stains from vinyl fences, you can easily restore their original shine and look in a few simple steps.

Vinyl fencing is a good addition to any backyard because of its durability and resistance to bad environmental conditions. It has also gained popularity because of its decorative look. Besides that vinyl fencing is a good alternative to traditional wood fences. Also, it does not need any staining and is resistant to rotting or cracking. But despite all these qualities, one downside of vinyl fences is that they can easily attract different kinds of stains and dirt.

Because of its synthetic nature, a vinyl fence needs a different type of maintenance than its wooden counterpart. Fortunately, vinyl fences can easily withstand many cleaning products and methods. This detailed guide will show you how to remove stains from your vinyl fence, and restore its original shine by using different products and methods.

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Different Ways to Remove Stains

Below are different ways in which you can get rid of the dirt and stains from your vinyl fence.

Rinse-Off the Fence with A Hose

Remember, before applying any cleaning product on your fence, first rinse off any dirt that you may see. You can do this by using a hose with a high-pressure nozzle. By doing so, the remaining cleaning process will become quite easy.

In some cases, if the stains are not too hard, you will see your fence looking brand new with this procedure alone.

Use Acetone

Another efficient way to remove stains and marks from your vinyl fence is using acetone. It is an important part of nail polish remover and is useful in removing dirt and stains. What makes acetone a better stain remover is the fact that it is a very good solvent for organic substances. Apart from cleaning your fence, you can also use it for removing dirt and stains from other materials such as plastic, metal, and glass.

To use acetone, take a piece of cotton cloth. Now put a small amount of the solvent on it and rub the spot on which the stain is located until it vanishes. You should be economical with acetone as it may cause damage to the grass. After you are finished scrubbing the stains, wash off anything that is remaining on the fence.

Another advantage of acetone is that it is a residue-free cleaner. Because of its fast evaporation into the air, acetone is the best option if you want things to dry up quickly.

You can easily find this cleaner in a majority of grocery stores. If you are confused about how to apply the solvent, follow the instructions on the product and you are good to go.

Applying A Cleaning Solution

You can also use some cleaning solutions for removing a stain. With this method, you will get most of the stains removed. For this method follow these easy steps:

  1. Take some dish soap and mix it with warm water.
  2. Now stir it a little, to get a good cleaning solution.
  3. After that put some solution on a piece of towel or sponge and start rubbing the stains

If you do not know how to make a cleaning solution at home you can easily order it online or buy it at a nearby grocery store.

Consider Using Magic Eraser

A magic eraser is some sort of sponge made up of melamine foam. It is one of the effective ways to remove permanent marks and stains. One good thing about a magic eraser is that you can use it multiple times. You can replace the eraser when it starts falling apart.

Magic eraser is very simple to use. Just wet it a little to stimulate the melamine foam. Now start scrubbing the stains on your fence. With the abrasive nature of the foam, the dirt and stains become loose and anything is stuck into the foam. To get good results you should scrub the fence in a circular motion.

After using the eraser rinse it off. This will increase the life of your eraser and remove dirt from it.

Try Bleach

If the stains on your fence are too stubborn try some bleach on it. However, you should be very careful with bleach because it can damage vinyl. To avoid damage, you should dilute the bleach. This will decrease its intensity and you can safely start cleaning your fence. Moreover, if you have a fence that is not white, then you must consider another cleaning agent because you will lose the color of the fence.

For this method prepare the solution. Avoid making a strong solution by mixing bleach and water in a 1/5 ratio. While rubbing the solution on the fence you should consider putting some gloves on your hands for safety purposes. To limit your touch with the solution consider using a spray bottle.

After you are done rubbing the fence, rinse off the surface and wait for it to dry.

Sometimes despite applying the bleaching solution on the fence a few stubborn stains are still there. To remove them put some bleach on a rag or piece of cloth and start rubbing the stains until removed. Then wash the fence with clean water.

Using Vinegar

Some people look down on vinegar when it comes to cleaning. But you will get surprised if you see its results. Vinegar is not only an effective cleaning agent but is also eco-friendly. Moreover, the best thing about vinegar is that you might have it already at your and don’t have to look for it in the stores.

A vinegar solution can easily remove dirt, mold, and stain from your fence. To prepare the vinegar solution, take half a cup of vinegar and mix it up with one gallon of water. Also, by putting some detergent in it you can increase its cleaning power.

Now apply the solution to the fence by using a garden sprayer or a sponge. After scrubbing the fence with the solution proper, wash your fence with a garden hose.

Before applying the solution, wash off your fence with a hose to remove some loose dirt particles from the fence. This will ease the rest of the cleaning process.

Get a Socialized Cleaning Product

Vinyl fence can acquire stains that are sometimes extremely hard to remove and therefore needs treatment with a specialized cleaning product. Iron stains are considered one of the most stubborn stains and require such specialized products.

You can easily find these cleaning products online or in a home improvement shop. You can buy products like Simple Green or try using xylene cleaner.

Pressure washing

A pressure washer can prove an effective tool in cleaning your vinyl fence as it has a lot of power to separate sticky dirt particles from your fence. The same can not be achieved by using a garden hose.

By pressure washing your fence, you can easily remove dirt and grime stuck to it. This will give your vinyl fence a shiny and new look. For a vinyl fence, you can start with a pressure washer that has a PSI of 1000 to 2000. But if the stains and dirt on your fence are too hard to remove, then you can go for a PSI of 2000 to 3000. Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to clean your fence with a pressure washer.

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to clean your fence with a pressure washer.

  1. Apply a good detergent or a cleaning solution on your fence.
  2. Then start rubbing the fence with a brush or sponge, so that the dirt and stains become loose.
  3. Now it’s time to pressure wash the fence to wash away anything that remains on it.

One thing that you need to consider while pressure washing your fence is that avoid doing it in under windy conditions and make sure that the surface on which you are applying the cleaning solution is not under direct sunlight. By doing so the cleaning solution won’t dry up on the surface you are applying to and the spray will not come to your face under non-windy conditions.

Homemade fence cleaning solution (DIY Cleaner)

If you want to prepare a cleaning solution at home then you can do it by following these simple steps:

  • Take some vinegar (half a cup) and mix it up with a gallon of water.
  • Put some solution on a piece of cloth or a rag and apply it to the fence.
  • Wash your fence with water.

Homemade cleaning solutions are:

  • More economical than its alternatives
  • Way safer than other cleaning solutions
  • Quite friendly to its environment

Restore Shine to Vinyl Fence

Although Vinyl fencing is famous for its durability but still, they become vulnerable to wear and tear after some time. Also, the fence starts losing its nice shine over time and looks somewhat dull. You can restore the original look of the fence by cleaning, applying restoration products, and finally painting it. Let’s discuss each step briefly.


The first step in restoring the original look is to clean it. You can use a variety of cleaning solutions depending on the stains and marks on your fence. If the stains and dirt are not that stubborn tries using vinegar solution or liquid dish soap. However, you can use bleach or acetone for stains that are hard to remove otherwise.

Soak a piece of rag or a cloth in the cleaning solution and scrub the stains properly. After that wash, you fence with a hose to remove the loose dirt particles.

Apply Restoration Product

After cleaning you need to apply a restoration product to your fence to restore its shine and original look. You can find a good restoration product for your vinyl online or at any store nearby.

If you have cracks and holes in your vinyl fence some products can fill them easily. If you don’t know how to apply the restoration product on the fence, read the instruction manual on the product.

Painting The Fence

After cleaning and applying restoration products, if your vinyl fence is still not looking good then consider painting it. Before applying paint, you must apply to add a layer of primer to the fence. This will prevent the paint from cracking.

To apply paint, first, take a brush or a paint roller and start painting the fence. After you are finished with the painting wait for a day or two and then add a new layer if needed.

Acrylic-based paints are considered best for painting vinyl fences. These paints stick well to the fence and do not easily get chipped off. Try to avoid low-quality oil-based paints as they are prone to cracking and peeling. Also, you should choose light colors because dark colors absorb more heat which can lead to expansion.

Maintain Your Vinyl Fence

Cleaning and restoration processes are good but are not enough if you want to maintain the original look of your fence. Here are a few tips which can help you to maintain your fence:                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Don’t allow your fence to get too dirty, otherwise, you will need strong cleaning agents to clean it.
  • Spray your fence once a week. Also, giving a nice wash with a cleaning solution once a month is a good practice.
  • Coating your fence will protect it from mold attacks. By coating the fence, you won’t have to deal with tough mold stains in the future.


So, how to remove stains from vinyl fences? In short, removing stains from a vinyl fence and restoring its original look is not that hard if you know how to do it. By following the above methods and directions you can easily achieve your desired results.

There are a lot of cleaning methods at our disposal. We should pick the one that works best for us. In most cases, the vinyl fence is easily cleaned with the help of simple methods such as applying vinegar solution and detergents. But for stubborn stains and marks, specialized products are required.

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