What Color Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit? (List of Colors to Choose)

Fire glass comes in a variety of beautiful colors. But some people can not figure out what color glass looks best in fire pit.

The color of the glass that looks best in a fire pit depends mostly on individual taste. In your fire pit, you can use a beautiful combination of dominant colors along with complementary colors. Nowadays blending different colors is also popular.

You can also look at other qualities that come with each color. For example, red and orange colors are warm colors. On the other hand, purple and blue are considered cool colors.

Fire glass is extremely popular when it comes to choosing glass for your fire pit. It is tempered glass that can easily withstand extreme temperatures. The colors of fire glass can give an awesome look to your backyard fireplace. Besides its beauty, it is also safe to use.

Note that if you are not familiar with fire glass then don’t put any random glass in the fire pit. This guide will walk you through the different colors of fire glass.

what color glass looks best in fire pit
Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

What Color Glass Looks Best in Fire Pit?

The best fire pit glass to use will depend on your personal taste and the design of your fire pit. Some options to consider include tempered glass, ceramic glass, and fire-rated glass.

Tempered glass is heat-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it a good option for your fire pits.

Ceramic glass is another heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fire-rated glass is designed to contain and deflect heat, making it a good choice for fire pits that are located near buildings or other structures.

It is important to choose a type of fire pit glass that is specifically designed for use in a fire pit and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use.

Different Colors Of Fire Glass

Fire glass is available in a variety of different colors. You can pick any color according to your taste. Some of them are:

  • Red
  • Black fire glass
  • Cobalt blue
  • Bronze
  • Black fire glass
  • Copper
  • Gold

What Is The Prettiest Color For Fire Glass?

what is the prettiest color for fire glass
Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

Fire glass can be seen in different colors. But when it comes to pretty colors, it depends on your choice and preference. However, the most popular colors are red, blue, and green. Lighter colors are more reflective and give a shiny look. With colors, you will notice a contemporary look and feel.

You can also pick a blend of complementary and dominant colors according to your preferences. However, you need to establish a nice balance between the two colors.

Don’t go for very advanced colors as they may complicate your design. You should take into consideration the colors around your fireplace. Choose a color that complements the surrounding colors.

Also, if your criteria of the best are warmth, then you can pick colors like red and orange. Some people consider cooler colors, such as purple and blue, to be the best. In the end, it depends on your taste and preference.

There are different colors of fire glass. Blending these colors can give a beautiful look to your fireplace. You can take a blend of two or four colors. Some of these blends are discussed below.

You can also get an exotic look by blending fire glass with lava rocks. The natural look of the lava rock will provide a perfect background for reflective fire glass.

Irish Green

This one consists of both reflective and non-reflective versions. Upon mixing both of these you will see a deeper green color in the non-reflective glass and a lighter green color in the reflective one.


It is a beautiful blend of brown and yellow colors. You can mix white fire glass with it and pacify the brown and yellow colors. Dakota is considered one of the best options for outdoor fire pits.

Southern Ocean

It has a dark blue look along with a reflective shine, keeping the surroundings of the fire warm. Looking at it will remind you of the crystal blue water of the pacific. You can use it on any occasion.

Sin City

Sin city is an amazing mixture of white, black, and gold colors. It will give you a luxurious feel. It is best for modern homes.

Reflective Fire Glass Colors

Reflective fire glass is found in many different colors. It is different from non-reflective glass in its shiny mirror look. This shiny and reflective surface of the glass reflect more heat to the surrounding and keeps it warm. The different colors are discussed below.

Black Reflective Fire Glass

Black reflective is one of the most attractivelooking glasses out there. You can blend it with one or more other colors and can experience the look of a beautiful work of art. You can easily install them in a fire pit without creating any mess.

Gold Reflective Fire Glass

The gold color reflective is also admired for its beauty. You can put it on regular glass to give it a nice background. You can also add other colors following your taste.  This way can create amazing designs.

Cobalt Blue Fire Glass

Cobalt blue reflective fire glass is popular for its charm and décor. It Is considered perfect for any fireplace such as a propane fire pit.

Meridian Blue

Does your fire glass look somewhat stale? then you should get meridian blue.

It will satisfy you with its eye-catching Safire blue color. Also will look stunning in your backyard fire feature.

Dark Matter Black

Dark Matter Black is a reflective tempered glass that delivers an appealing shiny look. While buying it make sure that you get it in true black color, as some sellers will try to sell you a fake gray version of it.

Sky Blue Fire Glass

It is a very rich color that is quite appealing to the eye. You can also complement its strong color with other colors.

Copper Reflective Fire Glass

Copper Reflective gives a modern and artistic look to your fireplace. It is also a good alternative to ceramic logs. You can get an awesome look by placing it on glass pebbles.

Different Colors For Different Seasons

If you want a different color of fire glass with changing seasons. Here are some recommendations.

  1. Topical Blue is often used in summer
  2. Diamond Starlight is preferred in winter
  3. Neptune Blue is used in the spring season
  4. Sunstorm is considered best for fall

What Size Of Fire Glass Should I Use?

The size of your fire glass should be 1″ to 2″. This is because, at the time of making, fire glass with a bigger size can trap air bubbles. This can crack or pop the fire upon heating the fire pit.

If you are seeking a multi-dimensional look, then you should consider a larger size of fire glass.

Final Thoughts

So what color glass looks best in a fire pit? It boils down to individual choice and preference. If you want to go for popular colors then pick red, blue, or green.

You can also take a dominant color of your choice and complement it with another color. Also, you can choose a blend of different colors. You can also look for colors that suit well the surrounding of your fireplace.

I hope that by reading this detailed guide you will be able to know what color glass looks best in a fire pit.

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