Where Do Robins Sleep At Night: Sleeping Habits Of Robins

Robin is the seventh most common garden bird and their number is constantly rising. Some of you might be wondering, where do robins sleep at night?

At night robins sleep in bushes, tree trunks, and low-hanging branches. They are also found in wellies, sheds, and log piles at night. Apart from that, these birds may also take a nap in nearby buildings or even under a car bonnet.

When robins show up, especially in the northern region, they are considered a sign of spring. The temperature becomes warmer and those cold and stormy days become a thing of the past.

where do robins sleep at night

This 5 min read will show you the different places in which robins sleep and also the sleeping pattern of these lovely birds.

Where Do Robins Sleep At Night In Winter?

In winter Robin finds a warm place to sleep. It can be bushes, nests, tree trunks, and other warm places. Robins also sleep in birdhouses and nesting places. Some of these sleeping places are discussed below.


As one of the most common garden birds, some garden owners arrange bird feeders and nests for these birds. 

The robins after laying the eggs do not leave them unattended. When the eggs are hatched and the fledglings come out, the parents constantly provide them with food. 

After that when the babies become older, they all sleep in nearby trees and bushes.


Bush is a warm place for robins to sleep. Robins prefer bushes because of their clones to the ground. Apart from that bushes are a perfect place to hide from predators.

Log Piles

Log piles provide a perfect warm environment for robins to sleep. Log piles protect robins from cold air and storms. Moreover, predators like cats and foxes are unable to approach robins in log piles.


Robins can sleep in trees. However, it is not their preferred place in winter. One advantage of robins sleeping on trees is that they are aware of predators like cats and foxes that are eager to hunt them.

where do robins sleep at night (3)

Robins become quickly aware when they hear a small noise of a predator approaching them.

Do Robins Sleep Standing Up?

No robins do not sleep standing up. But like other birds, you will notice that they first identify a warm and safe place to perch.

After that, the robins tuck their heads under the wings and go to sleep. This posture of sleep helps the robins in saving their body heat. Moreover, this position minimizes their exposure to predators.

where do robins sleep at night

However, their sleeping posture might change depending on the environment and other factors. For instance, some birds sleep with their legs hidden under their bodies, while some sleep perched on one leg.

How Many Hours Do Robins Sleep?

How many hours robins sleep depends upon the weather and environmental conditions. In winter an adult robin can go to sleep as early as 4 pm and sleep until 8 am in the morning. This makes a sleeping time of about 15 to 16 hours.

However, in summer, a young robin will sleep from 9 pm to 5 am. This sums up to around 8 hours of sleep. Fledglings usually sleep longer hours than adults.

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Robins also takes a small nap during the daytime to regain some energy for further activities.

Do Robins Sleep With Their Babies At Night?

Yes, robins do sleep with their babies at night. Both parents feed the babies every now and then. However, it is mostly female that spends some time with their babies at night. The male generally sleeps on nearby branches.  

Robins do not consider the nest as a sleeping bed. You won’t see them in the nest at night. It is when the eggs are hatched and little hatchlings come out, the females then start spending the night with their babies.

where do robins sleep at night

The parents continue to provide food and protection to the young babies until they are able to fly. 

Are Robins Active At Night?

No robins are not active at night. Robins usually sleep at night to gain some energy for activities that they perform during the day.

Robins are diurnal birds. This means they are active during the day and take rest at night. Robins are known for their beautiful songs, which they sing when the day starts and continues to sing throughout the day.

Some birds, such as owls, are active at night. Their night vision helps them in hunting and performing other activities. 

where do robins sleep at night (1)

But robins depend on sunlight to find food and navigate their environment. And at night they go to sleep.

Where Do Robins Go In The Summer?

Robins are migratory birds and they move in search of food. During summer you will find North American robins in forests, parks, and suburban areas. 

Their presence is stretched across the continent, from the eastern United States to the Pacific coast.

In summer some robins can also migrate to cooler regions for breeding. However, if the temperature is appropriate then they can stay year-round in the same area. 

But if there is a food shortage in the area then robins will migrate to another area where there is plenty of food. That is the reason sometimes you may find so many robins in your backyard even in the winter.

Final Thoughts

So, where do robins sleep at night? Robins sleep in bushes, tree trunks, wellies, and even bonnets of cars. Robins usually do not sleep in the same place, however, they prefer to sleep in the same area.

Sleep is a great way for robins to restore their energy. They also sometimes take a quick nap in the day hours if needed.

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