Why There Are So Many Robins in My Yard? [2022]

You may witness a flock of robins in the winter. Some people think that we are heading towards early spring. To others, it appears as an early migration from the south.  Also, some folks blame it on climate change. But it is not strange for robins to mobilize themselves for food in winter.

There are so many robins in your yard because they flock together to find some food. This social behavior of grouping also protects them against predators. Also, if one member in the flock finds something to eat in your backyard, it will call the rest.

American Robin is a kind of migratory songbird that is commonly found in North America. Its different species are found wintering from the southern parts of Canada to central Mexico. It has also won the status of state bird in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Connecticut. They eat small invertebrates, such as grasshoppers, earth storms, and grasshoppers.  Fruits and berries also make a significant part of their food supply. When a source of food starts depleting, American robins migrate to another place in search of food.

American robins appear in flocks, which range from a few dozen in the north to a few thousand in the south.

Are you are witnessing a lot of robins in your backyard? Are you seeing these birds during an odd period of the year?  Then this detailed article will answer your query about; why there are so many robins in my yard.

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What attracts robins to your yard?

The main reason that flock of robins is coming to your backyard is food. If you have fruits or fruit-bearing trees, such as cherry and crabapple, then robins will rush to your backyard. Insects such as roundworms, mealworms, and grasshoppers can also attract robins to your garden.

Trees like pine and spruce attract robins for building their nest. They also build their nest in leafy trees.

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Besides food robins can also visit your lawn to protect themselves against harsh weather conditions.

If you are interested in attracting robins to your backyard, then feed them sliced food such as apples, berries, and worms. Do not put some seeds in the bird feeders because bird seeds aren’t a part of their diet. Put some sliced fruits, such as apples and cherries in the feeder. Providing fresh water is also helpful in attracting these birds.

Do Robins Return to The Same Place Every Year?

Yes, robins usually return to the same place every year but you cannot say that for sure. The migratory pattern of these nomadic birds can also vary depending on the weather conditions and food supply. If the weather is fine and food availability is not disrupted, then robins will migrate back to the same area in the spring.

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However, American robins can migrate before the spring or in the middle of winter, if necessary, to find some food and shelter.

Are Robins A Sign of Spring?

The return of robins is often tied with the coming of the spring. But sometimes these birds don’t wait for the spring and instead migrate back from the south in winter.

This makes some people into thinking that an early spring has arrived. But they don’t realize that robins can migrate before spring for food and to find some shelter against harsh weather conditions.

Why there are so many robins in my yard 2022

So, it is completely normal to see a flock of robins on your lawn.

However, the northward migration of robins in the spring is quite usual. This is because when spring comes, worms and larvae of other vertebrates appear on the ground.

Are Robins Good Birds to Have Around?

American robins are quite friendly birds. The lawn in your backyard can provide a feeding place for these birds. Also, the trees in the yard are a good place to build a nest and take shelter.

However, they can become aggressive, if you invade their territory or they feel threatened.

Where Did All the Robins Go?

The question that pops into the minds of some people is, where do these birds disappear in winter?

Robins migrate to the south in winter. They move in large flocks from northern Canada into southern parts of the United States, such as Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

Final Thoughts

Why there are so many robins in my yard? In short, you might see a flock of robins in your backyard for one of three reasons.

  1. They need some shelter from bad environmental conditions.
  2. The green lawn in your yard is providing them with food like worms and other invertebrates.
  3. The trees in your yard are fruit-bearing.

You may see a flock of robins creeping across your backyard in winter. This is because in the wintertime they form nomadic flocks, which sometimes contain thousands of birds, to find some food and protect themselves from predators.

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